Welcome to the Christ鈥檚 College student exchange programme

Exchanges offer a wonderful opportunity for students to explore the world, take themselves out of their comfort zone, and enhance their global citizenship.

All exchanges are fully reciprocal, which means that a College boy who goes on exchange will need to host an exchange student at some stage within a period of 12 months. They will do this at school, in their homes (day students) or in boarding. The exchange period may include some holiday time, in which case, the host student is expected to host their exchangee during the holidays.

All exchanges are subject to strict protocols to provide a safe environment for exchange students.

Types of exchanges at Christ鈥檚 College

Christ鈥檚 College is prepared to exchange students with any suitable school across the world.

Current exchanges have been established with IBSC (International Boys鈥 Schools Coalition) schools, including:

  • Montgomery Bell Academy Nashville, United States (for senior students)
  • Konan Boys鈥 High School, Japan
  • Round Square schools

Most exchanges are with Round Square schools.