Christ鈥檚 College is an Anglican School committed to, and striving to, instil Christian virtues.

As a community of parents, staff and students, we are committed to fostering the development of character through nurturing seven core virtues. These virtues underpin our approach to all aspects of College life, including pastoral care and discipline.


  • includes truthfulness


  • means striving to become an independent, lifelong learner, and recognition of others鈥 right to learn


  • means respect of self (integrity, humility and dignity, tidy appearance), for others (tolerance, forgiveness, generosity, kindness, fair play, good manners), and their property, and for the school (reputation and property)


  • means an appreciation that in seeking a fullness of life we need to look beyond our material needs and wants


  • means acceptance of people different from ourselves, including those of different race and culture, and fairness in all our dealings with them


  • means generosity towards those less fortunate than ourselves


  • means recognition of the good we have received from the past so that it may be preserved or enhanced