At Christ's College, wellbeing is central to all that we do.

Our wellbeing strategy builds on the traditional pastoral care model already applied within College. We focus on teaching a proactive model of wellbeing, underpinned by science and empirically validated positive psychological principles. The foundations of our model include mindfulness, character strengths and growth mindset.

Wellbeing is the foundation of ensuring Each boy at his best. Our goal is to develop our young men to leave College with not only the academic skills, but the ability to adapt to our ever-changing world.

We aspire to intentionally teach the competencies and skills to support our students to develop the qualities underpinned by the concept of The 香港六合彩开奖结果2023 Graduate:

  • Courage & resilience

  • Confidence & humility

  • Compassion & empathy

  • Self-awareness

  • A disposition to serve

  • Personal excellence

  • Interpersonal skills

  • Capacity to lead & follow

  • Global & bicultural competence

These skills are intentionally taught and embedded across all aspects of the student鈥檚 College experience, including inside the classroom, in Chapel, on the stage and on the sporting field. The tools and competencies taught and reinforced with repetition across life provide the opportunity for students to develop key skills to flourish.

Our key focus is developing relationships with the boys through mentor groups, House groups, on the field and stage, and in the classroom, to build rapport with the boys and for us to know each boy so we can support them to be their best 鈥 whatever this looks like.

We draw from key positive psychological character strengths, mindfulness and growth mindset to help the boys deal with our busy world as these skills will help them while here but also, more importantly, allow them to flourish once they leave College.


From Years 9鈥11, MINDfit seeks to help the boys develop their sense of self-awareness and identity, and encourage them to think about what it means to be a good hu(man).


MANifesto is designed to prepare Years 12鈥13 students as they get ready to leave school and transition to manhood. It builds on earlier discussions, with a more in-depth look at addressing issues of concern in a sophisticated, community-focused and socially responsible way.