Christ's College Museum furnishment

Right now, the heritage that has shaped us is hidden in the dark. Help us to create a place 鈥 packed with stories, treasures, and memories 鈥 where we can share our 175 years.

This year鈥檚 Annual Appeal aims to raise funds to furnish the Christ鈥檚 College Museum in time for our 175-year celebrations in 2025.

For those returning to College, the Museum will be a place to unlock our memories or explore our past. For our current and future students, it will be where they connect with our unique and enduring legacy, delve into the meaning of our traditions, and discover how the school has evolved.

Located in the Hare Memorial Library (overlooking the Quad at the heart of College), the Museum will feature the finest contemporary design and facilities, wrapped in a heritage building.

The Museum will house and display many of the school鈥檚 treasures:

  • Sports gear, drama costumes, and uniforms through the ages

  • Important historical documents

  • Photo archives

  • A visual timeline

  • Significant artefacts laden with meaning

Our heritage lives on in every boy who passes through the College gates, but it also deserves to be proudly displayed. If you are in a position to contribute at this time, please help us to preserve our heritage and bring it into the light to benefit generations to come.